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Transplantology is a Belarus brand and a vital sphere

General information


Transplantology is a branch of medicine that studies the problems of transplantation of organs and tissues, such as kidneys, liver, heart, bone marrow, skin, etc. Transplantology has several directions: 

 1. Xenotransplantation - transplantation of organs and / or tissues from an animal of a different biological species than a person.

 2. Allotransplantation - transplantation in which the transplant donor is a genetically and immunologically different human body. 

3. Autotransplantation - the transplant recipient is his donor for himself. For example, transplantation of human skin in case of burns from undamaged areas to burned ones. 

4. Artificial organs are substitutes for natural organs. 

5. Cloning of organs from stem cells.

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Kidney transplant

Kidney transplantation operations have been performed in the Republic of Belarus for decades. Close professional ties have been established with the Oxford Kidney Unit and Birmingham Children Hospital. Today, it is possible to carry out all types of renal replacement therapy without exception, which are carried out at the highest methodological level. In total, more than 2,000 kidneys were transplanted, of which more than 1,000 over the past 4 years. Great results were obtained.

Benefits of kidney transplant in Belarus


In Belarus, transplantation from unrelated donors is legally permitted (unlike many other countries)


For many years of practice, the Belarusian doctors managed to overcome the main difficulties of this operation - the technological complexity of surgical intervention, kidney rejection in the postoperative period;


Based on statistical data, 92% of operations have beneficial effects, or rather patients recover and return to their normal lifestyle;


The survival rate after kidney transplantation is 85 - 90%. This is a very high rate and is on par with clinics in the European Union.


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