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Excellence defined.
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Professionalism worthy of your trust!
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What we do

Our offices provide a full range of services in the field of aesthetic dentistry: treatment of caries and non-carious lesions of teeth, aesthetic restoration of teeth using modern restoration materials (correction of color and shape of teeth, veneering, etc.), endodontic treatment of teeth using modern processing and filling technologies root canals, professional oral hygiene by ultrasonic cleaning, caries prevention by fluoroprotectors. Thanks to the use of modern drugs, painless procedures are ensured. We have the latest medical equipment that meets all the requirements of modern dentistry. Before starting treatment, our dentists will explain in detail to you why these or other diseases developed and how to avoid their reappearance in the future. In addition, they will tell you about what stages the treatment will include and what exactly awaits you at each of them.


Aesthetic (cosmetic) dentistry is one of the directions of our clinic, thanks to which you can transform your smile and maintain healthy teeth. SERVICES CLINICS OF COSMETIC DENTISTRY Our experts offer a wide range of services:

• Bite correction Bite correction is performed by installing braces. Since they need to be worn for a long time, modern dentistry offers different types of braces, including almost invisible ones. Braces are recommended to be worn in adolescence when the bite is not yet fully formed.

• Restoration and extension of teeth With the help of restoration it is possible to fully or partially restore the natural color and shape of the tooth. The procedure is similar to filling, but the restoration uses a more durable composite. The doctor restores the tooth, choosing the color and shape in accordance with other healthy teeth. • Installation of veneers Veneers are installed on the outside of the teeth and adjust their shape and color. Porcelain or composite veneers are made.

• Teeth Whitening Whitening allows you to quickly and painlessly change the color of the teeth, the result is visible after the first procedure. Whitening is an exclusively cosmetic procedure and does not affect the health of teeth, it is shown to lovers of coffee and tobacco. The whitening method is selected based on the individual characteristics of the patient.


A regular preventive check-up at the dentist is a must if you wish to maintain healthy teeth. We do not recommend neglecting a visit to a doctor, because not always the absence of pain indicates the absence of problems with the oral cavity. A disease at a late stage requires expensive treatment, but this can be avoided by contacting a doctor on time. Timely dental treatment under anesthesia will prevent the negative consequences of oral diseases and save your budget. DENTAL TREATMENT SERVICES We provide a wide range of services:

• Treatment of caries and its complications without preparation of teeth using the ICON system.

• Restoration of teeth with photographic materials using fiberglass pins.

• Endodontic treatment of canals with radiological filling control.

• Manufacture of veneers from composite materials. The operation is performed under the influence of anesthesia, selected individually, which guarantees a painless operation. The specialists of our clinic provide high-quality dental services, offering affordable prices for children and adults. We also guarantee regular discounts and promotions. The prices indicated on the website are fact-finding. The final cost is determined by the results of the examination and agreed with the client at the time of treatment. The calculation is made in Belarusian rubles. Thanks to modern techniques and high-quality materials, our doctors effectively fight diseases at any stage. Entrust us with dental treatment and get a dream smile!


The loss of one or more teeth brings aesthetic and physical inconvenience. A prolonged absence of teeth leads to worsening of the occlusion, displacement of the remaining teeth and the development of diseases of the oral cavity. Timely prosthetics avoids these problems. Prosthetics is a way to restore lost teeth by installing dentures. Dentures are made of modern materials and are not inferior to healthy teeth in terms of durability and comfort. Dentures are selected based on the individual characteristics of the patient and indications for the procedure. There are no universal prostheses. TYPES OF PROSTHESES Fixed:

• Ceramic tabs (made according to individual casts of the patient and are seals made of ceramics).

• Veneers (they are thin plates made of ceramics that cover the outside of the teeth. They are used to correct the shape and color of teeth, are not able to replace missing teeth).

• Crowns (the most common type of prosthesis that mimics the natural shape of the teeth. If you need to use a large number of crowns, dentists use the method of bridge prosthetics when several crowns are fastened together).

• Implants (implanted in the jawbone for subsequent placement of crowns). Removable:

• Lamellar (they consist of an acrylic base imitating the gum and artificial teeth attached to it. They are used in the absence of teeth).

• Clasp (represent a frame made of light metals on which artificial teeth are located). INDICATIONS AND CONTRAINDICATIONS Indications:

• Abrasion of teeth, dentition defects.

• Damaged crown part of the teeth or its complete destruction without the ability to perform standard fillings.

• Complete absence of one or more teeth. Contraindications (can be exclusively temporary):

• Acute forms of chronic diseases.

• Diseases of the oral cavity, insufficient hygiene.

• Pregnancy.

• Individual intolerance to painkillers and their components.

• The rehabilitation period after radiation therapy.

• Diseases of the central nervous system, cardiovascular system and psyche.

• Alcohol and drug addiction.

• Taking medications that lead to increased blood clotting.

Gums Recession Treatment


One of the most common periodontal diseases, accompanied by a violation of the dentoepithelial attachment, remains the recession (root migration) of the marginal gum. The regenerative method for treating gingival recession involves local transplantation of BMCP based on autologous MSCs immobilized on a collagen gel. The main therapeutic effects of MSCs on gum tissue are associated with the release of various growth factors, acceleration of cell proliferation and stimulation of collagen synthesis. MSCs also secrete substances that eliminate inflammation and prevent further destruction of periodontal tissues.


With local BMCP transplantation, MSCs are transformed into profibroblasts, and bioplastic collagen material serves as a matrix for the formation of fibrous tissue. Thus, atrophic and dystrophic changes in the gums are leveled, the mechanical component is strengthened, the depth of the gingival pocket is reduced, the ligamentous apparatus of the tooth is strengthened, the inflammatory process is stopped and the progression of periodontal disease slows down. The severity and duration of the regenerative effect is determined by the degree of damage to the periodontal tissues. Various congenital and genetic pathologies, autoimmune, infectious and oncological diseases (even in the case of their successful treatment in the past) significantly reduce the effectiveness of cell therapy. Chronic heart diseases, blood coagulation disorders, alcohol and drug addiction seriously affect the clinical outcome. The safety of the method against autoimmune, allergic and infectious complications is ensured by using the patient’s own cells, their use is not associated with the risks of transplant rejection and transmission of vector-borne infections. Currently, in the scientific literature not a single case of the development of cancer due to the use of autologous MSCs has been described. Despite the comprehensive prevention of complications, during and after manipulation it is possible to develop some general and local complications: hematoma formation, allergic reactions to collagen gel.


Stage 1 - consultation and examination

To develop treatment tactics and determine the dose of BMCP, a specialist-periodontist consults with the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy. A compulsory medical examination is also required.

Stage 2

- biomaterial sampling Adipose tissue serves as a biomaterial for obtaining native MSCs. Admission (explantation) of adipose tissue (5 - 10 g) is a slightly traumatic surgery under local anesthesia and suggests a good cosmetic result without visible scars. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, a repeated visit of the patient for dressings or removal of sutures is not required.

Stage 3 - BMCP production Based on the patient’s biomaterial, a biomedical cell product is produced in the laboratory of the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, which contains a therapeutic dose of autologous MSCs, which takes about 30 days.

Stage 4

- BMCP transplantation The therapeutic dose for one transplant is 1 million MSCs per tooth, and the course of treatment involves a double transplant with an interval of 10-14 days. The timing of the repetition of the treatment course depends on the severity of the lesion and the effect achieved. The procedure of local injection transplantation is a less traumatic procedure, performed under local anesthesia in a dental office. Immediately after transplantation, the patient is observed for 1 to 2 hours in a ward.


The cryogenic preservation of the BMCP (own cell material) for an unlimited period of time provides the patient with wide opportunities for their further use, being a real biological insurance. After the treatment completion, we provide the patient with a personal cell at the Cryobank of the Institute of Biophysics and Cell Engineering of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus, which will subsequently make it possible to use his cell material for repeated courses of cell therapy, or for the treatment of other diseases.



An orthodontist is responsible for correcting the occlusion, treating disorders of the dentition and installing orthodontic staples. According to statistics, 60% of adults need the services of an orthodontist. Among children, this percentage is even higher. Modern orthodontics has no age restrictions, and in addition to the general practitioner, we offer the services of a children's orthodontist. The dentition of the child is significantly different from that of an adult, so a special approach is needed in pediatric orthodontics. Our specialists carry out diagnostics and help at the early stage of the child’s development to correct existing problems with the bite and the location of the dentition. Treatment process Before starting treatment, you must consult a doctor orthodontist. At the consultation, the doctor conducts an accurate diagnosis, draws up a plan, selects the most suitable methods to correct existing problems with a bite or tooth position, determines the cost of the procedure. Then, the manufacturing and installation of bracket systems or removable plates is performed. In most cases, bite correction systems are installed on both rows of teeth. Treatment is carried out at any age and takes about two years. During this time, the child is observed by a doctor and must undergo a monthly examination. Our advantages

• We use advanced methods to correct the bite and incorrect position of the teeth using modern systems. They are selected individually, taking into account the characteristics of the child.

• Our doctors carry out full-fledged orthodontic preparation for prosthetics.

• We also provide orthodontic care for periodontal treatment.


The dentist surgeon removes the teeth affected by the disease if they cannot be cured with fillings or other dental procedures. The removal procedure is carried out under the influence of sedative drugs, and with the use of local or general anesthesia. The choice of pain medication depends on the individual characteristics of the patient. WHEN A TOOTH REMOVAL IS REQUIRED Indications for the operation:

• The advanced stage of caries without the possibility of tooth restoration.

• Late prolapse of milk teeth.

• Installation of braces, if necessary, a place to correct the position of the remaining teeth.

• Conducting radiation therapy at the site of the extracted teeth.

• Taking medications that weaken the immune system, thereby provoking the spread of various infections of the teeth and gums.

• Teething of “wisdom teeth” if there is not enough space for their growth. METHODS FOR REMOVING A TOOTH We offer two types of procedures:

• Standard The operation is performed by a dentist if the operation is associated with minor tooth damage. With standard removal, the doctor loosens the tooth with a dental elevator and removes it with forceps.

• Surgical Surgical removal is a time-consuming operation that is required if the teeth no longer erupt, as well as at the extreme stage of tooth damage or when they break at the gum line. The procedure is carried out by a dentist surgeon, but in individual cases, it is possible to conduct an operation as a dentist.


Our services


With the help of the state of the art Swiss equipment of our Diagnostic and Recovery clinic, health professionals can perform diagnostic tests of any degree of complexity in a quick and efficient manner. Top doctors will check your health state and advise an effective treatment. Through innovative thinking and strong provider partnerships, we will strive to deliver best in class cost performance, the highest level of clinical quality, and exceptional customer service.


"Precision" medical programs are completely customized for your convenience, all your preferences, together with the doctor's recommendations and medical reports are counted into a special formula that will bring to the best result. We are dedicated to being your destination of choice, providing the highest quality healthcare services with respect and a caring, human touch. This is our sincere promise to you and your family members.


Rehabilitation is care that can help you get back, keep, or improve abilities that you need for daily life. These abilities may be physical, mental, and/or cognitive (thinking and learning). Rehabilitation can improve your daily life and functioning.We carry out early rehabilitation of patients after a stroke, rehabilitation after myocardial infarction, brain surgery, heart and blood vessels, orthopedic and trauma surgeries.


Precision Medical provides a complete full service programs. Comfortable accommodation according to your preferences, from a standard hotel room and up to a luxurious suites are available. The moment you walk through our doors, you'll experience a serene and healing environment, and friendly staff who will assist you and guide you to your destination. Whether you are at Precision as a patient or a visitor, you are the center of all we do, and it is our goal to make you feel at home.


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