Dermal Bio Revitalization



As the skin ages, the number of basic structural cells - fibroblasts and keratinocytes - decreases, their biosynthetic activity decreases, in particular, the ability to produce collagen, which upsets the balance between the synthesis and degradation of the extracellular matrix of the dermis. A natural consequence of these processes is a decrease in the thickness of the skin, a decrease in its firmness and elasticity, and the formation of wrinkles.


Cellular rejuvenation

Cellular therapy of age-related skin changes is based on the use of the patient’s own fibroblasts of the patient’s skin, isolated and propagated in laboratory conditions. The use of cultured autologous dermal fibroblasts (hereinafter referred to as DF) allows to replenish the population of these cells lost with age by introducing young and functionally active fibroblasts into the skin. Fibroblasts are the main cellular component of the skin, providing its homeostasis and morphofunctional organization. They perform a number of diverse and complex functions in the skin: they control the composition and structure of the extracellular matrix of the dermis (collagen, elastin, proteoglycans and structural glycoproteins), and their function includes not only the production of these substances, but also their catabolism. Thus, fibroblasts are a key link in skin biology - they not only control the homeostasis of the extracellular matrix of the dermis, providing for its remodeling and renewal, but also maintain the physiological state of all layers of the skin.


  • The use of cultured autologous dermal fibroblasts makes up for the lost population of these cells with age.
  • After transplantation, cultured DFs are fully integrated into the dermis
  • The biosynthetic activity of DF is maintained for at least 12 months as a result, there is a remodeling of the microstructure of the dermis, an increase in the content of collagen fibers in it.
  • The hydration of the skin increases, its density and thickness increases as well.

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Benefits and the Efficiency

Active fibroblasts being introduced into the skin , start the natural processes of the dermis restoration The number of dermal cells in the transplantation zone increases, as well as the synthesis of own collagen, microcirculation is restored, metabolic processes and blood circulation are stimulated.

The high efficiency of the method is due to the ability of implanted living own cells for a long time (8-9 months) to produce biologically active substances characteristic of young skin: its strength and elasticity increase, and the lifting effect occurs. The result of implantation of living cells: wrinkles, scars, striae disappear. The dermis is completely renewed, a healthy skin color is restored, its turgor rises, the skin becomes velvety, dryness and peeling disappear. The effect of the procedure begins to manifest itself after 6 - 8 hours after the session and increases over time. After 8 to 9 months after the course of treatment, a persistent positive result is observed. The clinical effect has a growing character throughout the year and persists for at least 3 years.



Skin biorevitalization using in vitro cultured DF has been widely recognized worldwide as a safe and effective method. The safety of the method against autoimmune, allergic and infectious complications is guaranteed by using the patient's own cells. Over the 20-year period of application of this technology in world practice, the absence of oncogenicity in mature fibroblasts has been proven.

Currently, in the scientific literature not a single case of the development of cancer due to the use of autologous DF is described. Various congenital and genetic diseases, autoimmune and infectious diseases, oncological diseases (including, in case of their successful treatment in the past) significantly reduce the effectiveness of cell therapy. You can’t count on getting a good clinical result if the patient has chronic heart disease, coagulation disorders, alcohol and drug addiction.



The biomaterial for obtaining native DF is skin. The skin sampling (explantation) procedure is a low-traumatic surgical procedure performed under local anesthesia by excision or punch-bipsia of a small skin fragment (about 0.5 cm2) in the forearm or behind the ear. The decision on the choice of the method and the anatomical area for skin sampling is made individually by the operating surgeon, any method of intervention involves a good cosmetic result without visible scars. A second patient visit for dressings or removal of sutures is not required. The total dose of DF is determined by the number of anatomical areas for biorevitalization. Usually this is the face, neck, decollete, hands. For each zone, about 30-50 million cells will be needed. The total volume of the cell product is calculated individually and can reach 180 - 200 million cells per course. The procedure of local intradermal transplantation of DF is a painless manipulation that does not require anesthesia, is performed on an outpatient basis by intradermal injection of a suspension of cells in a tunnel way, using needles for mesotherapy. Immediately after transplantation, the patient is observed for 1 to 2 hours in a ward. After the procedure, slight redness and swelling may occur, which will disappear within 2 to 3 hours. Intervention does not require significant changes in the usual rhythm of life.



The cryogenic preservation of the BMCP (own cell material) for an unlimited period of time provides the patient with wide opportunities for their further use, being a real biological insurance. After the treatment completion, we provide the patient with a personal cell at the Cryobank, which will subsequently make it possible to use his cell material for repeated courses of cell therapy, or for the treatment of other diseases.


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