Osteoarthrosis Treatment

Innovative cell technology is an alternative to radical surgery. For intraarticular transplantation, BMCP is used based on intrinsic (autologous) MSCs isolated from the patient's adipose tissue. MSCs remove the aseptic inflammation that accompanies the degenerative process, and contribute to the restoration of the structure of cartilage tissue. Cell therapy is used for full-layer defects of articular cartilage II, II-III degree according to Kellgren-Lawrence, stage III-IV according to Outerbridge, and is indicated for patients with: - traumatic chronic and degenerative lesions of the articular cartilage, - dissecting osteochondritis, - osteoarthritis of the hip, knee, shoulder and other joints. To develop treatment tactics and to determine the dose of BMCP, a specialist from the Department of Regenerative Medicine and Cell Therapy provides a research. A compulsory medical examination is also required.


The safety of the method against autoimmune, allergic and infectious complications is guaranteed by the use of the patient’s own cells, their use is not associated with the risks of transplant rejection and transmission of vector-borne infections. Currently, in the scientific literature not a single case of the development of cancer due to the use of autologous MSCs has been described.



• Traumatic lesions of the articular cartilage

• Long - lasting and degenerative lesions of the articular cartilage

• Dissecting osteochondritis

• Osteoarthrosis of the hip, knee and other joints


MSCs introduced into the joint activate the process of restoration of cartilage tissue, transforming into a regenerate similar in morphological and functional properties to the surrounding hyaline cartilage, and also secrete substances that reduce inflammation and prevent further destruction of cartilage tissue. The clinical result of cell therapy is a pain relief (usually within 2 to 3 weeks), joint functional capabilities improvement, slowing the progression of arthrosis. The severity and duration of the regenerative effect is determined by the degree of joint damage. Based on international experience, it is possible to predict persistent improvement over 3-5 years, and the ability to postpone joint replacement for an indefinite period.




Adipose tissue serves as a biomaterial for obtaining native MSCs. Admission (explantation) of adipose tissue (5 - 10 g) is a low- traumatic surgery under local anesthesia and has a good cosmetic result without visible scars. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis, a repeated visit of the patient for dressings or removal of sutures is not required. In a certified laboratory produces a biomedical cell product containing a therapeutic dose of autologous MSCs, which takes about 30 days.


Second Stage

Local injection transplantation of MSCs is performed under local anesthesia by puncture of the joint under ultrasound control. The operation is performed on an outpatient basis under the conditions of the operating unit; a repeat visit is not required. Immediately after transplantation, the patient is observed for 1 to 2 hours in a ward. Intervention does not restrict movement in the joint . After the transplantation, the patient is recommended with a short-term restriction of the load and physiotherapy exercises.


The cryogenic preservation of the BMCP (own cell material) for an unlimited period of time provides the patient with wide opportunities for their further use, being a real biological insurance. After the treatment completion, we provide the patient with a personal cell at the Cryobank, which will subsequently make it possible to use his cell material for repeated courses of cell therapy, or for the treatment of other diseases.


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